Why Peco Douwes Group

What is in it for me?

Are you wondering why you should take on Peco Douwes Group as your partner? Fasteners are mostly low interest parts, but with high priority, with quality as the main aspect.

With over 40 years of experience the people of Peco Douwes Group exactly know what you require. From the inquiry untill the supply you are dealing with the same contact person. Due to our network of only European manufacturers we can and will be of assistance in nearly all types of special fasteners.

Either it is a M2 machine screw in Titanium or a hex bolts M80 in 10.9, we will arrange that your required delivery time will be adhered.
Quotations, packinglists , invoices and even test certificates can be sent digital to every contact persons given by you. No worries at all!

If you are looking for a good, reliable, flexible and competative partner in fasteners, Peco Douwes Group is just the partner you need!

We convert your “problems” into our “challenge” and that makes life easier for you! We would be happy to tell you more and give advice. Contact us for more information.