HSFG bolts from Peco Douwes

Wembley Stadium

The world famous Wembley Stadium in the London borough of Wembley is home to the England national football team. Major pop concerts also take place here. The stadium was completely renovated between 2000 and 2007. Peco Douwes was part of this project, on behalf of Hollandia Peco Douwes supplied the best fastener solutions.

Wembley Stadium

Fasteners from Peco Douwes

Commissioned by Hollandia, Peco Douwes supplied HSFG bolts with a CE mark. The bolts are used to install and fix the unique roof structure of Wembley Stadium. Do you also need fasteners from Peco Douwes for your project? Please contact our product specialists to discuss the possibilities.


If customization is required for your project? Our custom-made fasteners are the solution. Please contact our product specialists to discuss the options available.