Project Saint-Nazaire offshore

Made possible with bolts and nuts from Peco Douwes

Saint-Nazaire offshore

Off the coast of Saint-Nazaire, the first offshore wind farm project in France is being built. The project is being realized by Eolien Maritime France (EMF), a joint venture of EDF Renewables and Canadian energy infrastructure company Enbridge. The energy production from the wind farm potentially will provide 20 percent of the electricity needs of the Loire-Atlantique department.

Saint Nazair Offshore

Peco Douwes partners with Iemants Steel Constructions

Iemants' projects are tightly planned in terms of timing, the defined deadlines are crucial in the realization of projects. Delivery time and service are of high priority. These requirements and years of professional cooperation ensured that Peco Douwes could also be the fasteners partner for the Saint-Nazaire offshore project.

Fasteners from Peco Douwes

For the realization of the Saint-Nazaire wind farm, Peco Douwes supplied 1600 bolts, nuts and washers (M56x310 10.9 hot-dip galvanized). The combined total weight of the fasteners supplied amounted to more than 15,000 kilos. Naturally, the project was subject to the various standards and rules that are applicable for offshore projects. All certificates are therefore fully consistent with the supplied fasteners.


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