More than 5000 fasteners from Peco Douwes

Merwede bridge A27

The Merwede Bridge in the Netherlands is a double arch bridge on the border between the South-Holland province and North Brabant province. The bridge is of extreme important value for daily traffic between the north and south and vice versa. During an inspection in 2016, it appeared that the Merwede bridge was in such bad condition that emergency repairs to the weak connections had to be carried out immediately.


Peco Douwes partners with VolkerRail & Mercon Steelstructures B.V.

At a very short notice more than 5000 HSFG injection bolts were needed to carry out the emergency repairs at the Merwede Bridge. On the exact day of the request, Peco Douwes delivered the desired quotation to the construction consortium VolkerRail & Mercon Steelstructures B.V. (ViVo). After formal approval from Rijkswaterstaat, the HSFG Injection Bolts were delivered to the construction site within the required delivery period and installed immediately.

Fasteners from Peco Douwes

Peco Douwes supplied HSFG injection sets for this project. HSFG injection sets consist of: one regular HFSG Bolt with a 3.2mm hole fully drilled and 50% drilled with 5.5mm, one HFSG Nut, one HFSG Washer with recessed chamber and one HFSG Washer with vent groove.


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