Project I360 Brighton Tower

Fixing anchors from Peco Douwes

I360 Brighton Tower

The I360 Brighton Tower is a spectacular tourist attraction which opened in 2016. Brighton Tower is a futuristic observation tower on the seafront of the city of Brighton in England. The tower is 158 meters high. More than 200 visitors take off at a time via an aerodynamically designed capsule, called The Pod. At a height of 138 meters The Pod is halted for visitors to enjoy a great panoramic view.

Brighton tower
Brighton tower-02

Fasteners from Peco Douwes

Peco Douwes likes to partner with Hollandia Infra and in this project we did too. Our part in this unique project consisted of supplying anchors such as: M80, M64 and M52 in 10.9 quality for the connection of the pipe parts. Do you also need fixing anchors from Peco Douwes for your project? Please contact our product specialists to discuss the possibilities.


If customization is required for your project? Our custom-made fasteners are the solution. Please contact our product specialists to discuss the options available.