Project Boston Flood Barrier

Custom fixing anchors from Peco Douwes

Boston Flood Barrier

As a result of a major flood on the east coast of England in 2013, more than 800 homes were flooded in Boston Town. In response to this, the government set up a program to protect the coastline. Part of this program is the Boston Barrier project, a hydraulic structure for Boston Town and the Lincolnshire hinterland.


Photo: PortPictures i.o.v. Hollandia


Photo: PortPictures i.o.v. Hollandia

Peco Douwes partners with Hollandia

After the bankruptcy of the previous supplier of Hollandia, Peco Douwes was contacted. To prevent the project from coming to a standstill, Peco Douwes bought the fixing anchors from the estate of the bankrupt supplier. With this swift and smart approach, the fixing anchors could still be rolled in time and provided with the correct surface treatment. Due to Peco Douwes' proactive approach, the fasteners were delivered to Hollandia on time.

Fasteners from Peco Douwes

Storm surge barriers are movable barriers in estuaries, waterways and sea inlets. The storm surge barriers close as a precaution during extremely high water. Peco Douwes has supplied the fixing anchors with diameters of M36, M72 and M76 and lengths up to 4 meters, including nuts and washers.

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