Fasteners from Peco Douwes.


Between Lille and Arras is the Avelin-Gavrelle high-voltage line, which often reaches its maximum capacity. As the high-voltage line often reaches its peak, RTE (Reseau de Transport d'Électricitécommitted itself to rebuild and reinforce this facility. The high-voltage line is expected to be operational in 2021. 

Avant Gravelle, Peco Douwes
Avelin Gavrelle 2, Peco Douwes

Fasteners from Peco Douwes

Peco Douwes supplied various bolts and nuts for this project, including hexagon bolts in quality 10.9 in size M56x310 from European Origine. Do you also need fasteners from Peco Douwes for your project? Please contact our product specialists for the possibilities. 


Does your project require customization? Customized fasteners are one of the many options. Please contact our product specialists.