Structural Bolting sets

Available within 24 hours according to EN15048 in the range from M12 to M36

Structural Bolting sets

Are you looking for structural bolting sets for non-preloaded bolt connections? Structural Bolting sets consist of a packaging with bolt and nut, these are supplied entirely in accordance within the EN15048 requirements. This means, , that deliveries are only made in full packaging and that a 3.1 certificate is available upon request to guarantee traceability.

In addition to the structural bolting sets, we can supply the washers according to ISO7089 200HV hot dip galvanized from stock. If you are looking for bolts for a preloaded connection, please see High Strength Friction Grip Bolts for the options or contact us.

We arrange everything for you.

Our product specialists are happy to help you with all your questions about structural bolting sets. We identify your needs and ensure that the structural bolting sets are delivered according  your requirements.

From our stock of European certified structural bolting sets we ensure that the sets are delivered to you in time. Your needs always come first. Delivery within 24 hours is possible. Please contact our specialists for information and advice.

Structural Bolts Tekening

Delivery time: Within 24 hours
Standard: EN15048
Range: M12 to M36
Custom made: Yes
Quality: 8.8 (Hot dip galvanized ISO suitable)

Product inquiries

Please request your structural bolting sets by filling in the form below. Do you not have all the requested information available? Our specialists will contact you directly to discuss your specific requirements.


SB sets from Peco Douwes are supplied in accordance with EN15048.

EN15048 is a European standard that specifies the general requirements for non-preloaded structural bolted connections. Bolted connections that comply with this European standard are for use in structural joints.

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Advantages of working with Peco Douwes:

You can expect the following from Peco Douwes with regard to structural bolting sets:

  • Supplied conform EN15048 requirements
  • Delivery within 24 hours is possible
  • Delivery conform technical drawing specifications
  • Renowned manufacturers of European origin


Would you like more information about Structural Bolting sets? Or is your required specification not listed here? Please contact our specialists to discuss your specific requirements.