Fitting bolts

Fitting bolts

Available in any desired material and according to drawing

Fitting bolts

Is your current supplier unable to meet your needs? We can supply fitting bolts in any desired material. We offer fitting bolts in various sizes and qualities. The shank has a very accurate diameter and a strict tolerance often according to F9 or H8, so the bolt fits perfectly.

The material most commonly used is carbon steel. The use of this material guarantees a high tensile strength. High tensile strength ensures that the fitting bolt remains in its shape and can withstand a heavy dynamic load. Examples of the most common standards are: DIN609, DIN610 and EN14399-8.

We arrange everything for you.

Looking for accurately fitting bolt solutions in high-quality material or for a fitting bolt that meets your specific demands according to technical drawings? Our employees are specialists in the field of fasteners and ready to help you.

Our way of working? We make an inventory of your specific needs and then we find the best possible solution in our network of European manufacturers then we take care you get the right product in time. Your needs always come first. Delivery within 48 hours is possible. Contact our specialists for information and advice.

Pasbouten tekening

Delivery time: 48 hours (DIN 609 - DIN610 - EN14399-8)
Custom made: Yes
Quality: 8.8 / 10.9
Fit: H8 / F9
* due to the fit, the fitting bolts are usually blank (untreated)

Product inquiries

Please order your fitting bolts using the form below. Do you not have all the requested information available? Our specialists will contact you directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Fitting bolts

Advantages of working with Peco Douwes:

You can expect the following from Peco Douwes with regard to fitting bolts:

  • Delivery conform technical drawing specifications
  • Your product can be delivered within 48 hours
  • Your requirements and needs are at key to us
  • Renowned manufacturers of European origin


Would you like more information about fitting bolts? Or is your required specification not listed here? Please contact our specialists to discuss your specific requirements.