Heat exchangers

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Peco Douwes Group his projects are very divers. Among other things, we supply special items to companies that make large steam turbines. A heat exchanger is another such example of a special application.

What is a heat exchanger?

Heat Exchangers are machines that are used to transfer heat between solid and liquid matter, or to transfer heat between two or more liquids. The appliance is found in the field of thermal engineering. Because of the changes in temperature, it is important that bolts, nuts and other fasteners are non-weld resistant.

Corrosion and heat resistant ceramic bolts

This makes it important that the device – including fasteners – can change between high and low temperatures, without losing orginal shape, substance, and strength.

The Super Duplex bolts are a good example of high temperature resistant bolts (up to about 315ºC).

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This is where Peco Douwes Group ‘Heat Resistant Fasteners‘ – heat-proof fastening material – comes in handy.


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