Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035)

Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035) is the most widely used titanium alloy in all product forms for industrial service because of its strength, excellent corrosion resistance and ductileness 

aluminum metal raw material in the form of long tubes

Main areas of application

Important areas of application of Titanium Grade 2 are: 

  • In chemical processes
    • Oxidizing media 
    • Alkaline media 
    • Organic acids and compounds 
    • Aqueous saline solutions 
    • Hot gases 
  • Offshore industries (fully resistant to corrosion in seawater at temperatures up to 300°C) 
  • In heat exchangers 
  • Hypochlorite systems 
  • Extinguishing water systems 
  • Ballast water systems 
  • Pumping 
  • Cryogenic vessels 

Titanium Grade 5 (3.7165)

Titanium Grade 5 is characterized by good ductileness and weldability. It is also resistant to salt water and maritime climate conditions.

Main areas of application

Titanium Grade 5 is found as the most commonly used alloy in many areas. Among others in the chemical industry and offshore industry.  

Titanium Grade 7 (3.7235)

Due to its high palladium content, Titanium Grade 7 is highly corrosion resistant. For example, Titanium Grade 7 is resistant to salt water and suitable for handling chloride media. Moreover, Titanium Grade 7 is resistant to erosion or impact.

Main areas of application

Titanium Grade 7 is mostly used in chemical plants.

Titanium in your project

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