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What is SUPER DUPLEX 1.4501?

Super Duplex, also known as active ingredient number 1.4501 is a higher version of Duplex. Super Duplex is a form of stainless steel (SS) formed from an alloy (a solid solution of one or more metals in another metal) of austenite and ferrite. Usually the ratio of the alloy is between 40:60 and 50:50. Super Duplex has a number of advantages over standard stainless steel, such as: 

  • It can handle higher tensile strength than standard stainless steel 
  • It offers better resistance to localized corrosion 

Super Duplex is a form of Duplex where the pitting corrosion resistance equivalent number (PRENresistance to local corrosion), is above 40. There are alternatives with similar characteristics to Super Duplex, however Super Duplex has lower production costs. This makes Duplex cost-efficient to use. Read more about standard Duplex here. 

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Characteristics of Super Duplex 1.4501

By choosing a suitable composition it is possible to produce stainless steel grades with a structure consisting of both ferrite and austenite. This group of stainless steel grades is known under the name Duplex stainless steel. Compared to the austenitic stainless steel qualities, Duplex and Super Duplex are particularly characterized by good mechanical properties in combination with a high corrosion resistance (up to a temperature of approximately 315ºC). Duplex materials are also easy to weld and to process. Super Duplex is often used in: 

  • Oil and gas industry; 
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry; 
  • Bio industry; 
  • Food industry; 
  • Maritime sector applications; 
  • Water purification and desalination plants; 
  • Paper processing industry. 

Super Duplex 1.4501 in your project

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Super Duplex PD Fasteners Special fasteners


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