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Special fasteners customized to your project


The alloy of austenite and ferrite makes a form of stainless steel (SS) called Duplex. This is also known by working material number 1.4462. Curious about the properties and applications of Duplex? Because of its high PREN value, Duplex can be used in many ways. Read more about Duplex.

Super duplex

Super Duplex (working material number 1.4501) is an even better variant of Duplex. Super Duplex is a form of stainless steel (SS) formed from an alloy (a solid mixture of one or more metals in another metal) of austenite and ferrite. Curious about the properties and applications of Super Duplex? Super Duplex can be used in many ways. Read more about Super Duplex.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be used in many ways and has many advantages. Curious about the properties and applications of stainless steel? Then read more about stainless steel.

Alloy (725 - 825)

Alloy is an austenitic alloy that, thanks to its balanced analysis and exceptionally high chromium concentration, has excellent resistance to common corrosion and pitting in media containing chloride. Curious about the specifics? Then read more about all types of Alloy in the specifications.

Hastelloy (C4 - C22 - C276)

This alloy is a nickel-cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy with high corrosion resistance even at high temperatures. Hastelloy is resistant to various caustic and acidic substances. Therefore, Hastelloy is well applicable in the chemical industry. Curious about the alloy's proportions? Then read more in the specifications.


Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035) is the most widely used titanium alloy in all product forms for industrial service because of its strength, excellent corrosion resistance and ductility. In addition to Titanium Grade 2, there are other grades of Titanium (qrs). These can be found in the specification overview.

Bumax Grades

Bumax is a Swedish manufacturer focusing on fasteners for extreme conditions, where a combination of high corrosion resistance as well as high tensile strength is required. The fasteners are fully traceable through a 3.1 or 3.2 certificate. For the production of the bolt and/or nut only European materials and raw materials are used, which are also provided with a CE-mark. Curious about the characteristics? Then read more in the specifications.


Does your project require customization? Custom-made special fasteners are among our options. Please contact our product specialists for this.