ASTM Articles

The required quality for your project

ASTM articles

The ASTM standard (American Society for Testing Materials) is an American standard used to indicate the qualities of technical materials. In the United States of America this standard is mandatory, American companies will always demand or supply products according to this standard. 

Industrial stud bolts on paper recycle background

ASTM articles from Peco Douwes

The most common qualities at Peco Douwes are: 

  • A193 B7/B16/B8/B8M (high temperatures)  
  • A320 L7/B8/B8M (low temperatures) 
  • UNC threads up to and including 1'', above all 8UN 

The requested qualities are always delivered with a 3.1 certificate, this way the quality is always traceable. 

Custom-made to your needs

Do you need studbolts according to the ASTM standard for your project? Our product specialists are happy to help you with the right materials in the required qualities. Please contact us for the possibilities. 


Is customization required for your project? Our custom-made fasteners are the solution. Please contact our product specialists to discuss the options available