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What is Super Duplex 1.4501?

Super Duplex (active ingredient number 1.4501) is a higher variant or Duplex. Duplex is a form of stainless steel formed from an alloy of austenite and ferrite. Normally is the ratio between 40/60 and 50/50. Duplex has a number of advantages over normal stainless steel

  • It is about 2 x stronger than normal stainless steel
  • |Offers better resistance to localized corrosion

Local corrosion by the unpredictability is almost unavoidable, and is for this reason, since as the most dangerous form of corrosion. Super Duplex is a form of Duplex where the PRE, or pitting corrosion resistance equivalent, about 40. In a Dutch translation would this resistance to corrosion are local. Currently there are only 2 materials used in an even higher PRE category. Although there are some alternatives with similar characteristics to Super Duplex, each form or Duplex less cost in the production which makes using very cost-efficient!

Super Duplex 1.4501 in your project

Would you use this high-quality material in your project? Select Peco Douwes Group is the partner of choice. All of our products in all formats are available in Super Duplex. Would you one or more of our products in Super Duplex ordering, please contact us. In a personal conversation we discuss about your needs and the delivery possibilities. Also, if you want to use another material Peco is the partner for you.

Read more details about “standaard” duplex 1.4462 here.

Properties of Super Duplex 1.4501

By choosing a suitable composition, it is possible to produce stainless steel grades with a structure consisting of both ferrite and austenite. This group stainless steel grades are known under the name of Duplex stainless steel. The ratio ferrite and austenite in Duplex stainless steel is approximately 50/50%. Compared to the austenitic stainless steel qualities is Duplex in particular characterized by good mechanical properties in combination with a high corrosion resistance (up to a temperature of ca. 315 ° C). Duplex-metals are also easy to weld and edit it. Therefore, they are under more widely used in:

  • Oil & gas industry;
  • Chemistry & petrochemicals;
  • Bio-industry; • the food industry;
  • Marine applications;
  • Water treatment and desalination plants;
  • Paper processing industry

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