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What is a Studbolt?

A Studbolt is a threaded rod complete with 2 nuts. At Peco Douwes Group you will find Studbolts in all formats and for all materials that you will find at other suppliers may not that fast. We have a wide range of fasteners,  so with us you will always find what you are looking for.

Special Studbolts

Peco Douwes Group has not just standard studbolts from stock. We offer also studbolts in special materialgrades. Are you looking for a special studbolt? Contact us for a personal interview and/or request.

Also for other fasteners, we can supply what you are looking for. How special and specific your article is , Peco Douwes Group delivers it! Are you interested in other products as studbolts? View one of our other products as reduced shank studbolts, stainless steel bolts & nuts or duplex.

Order direct via +31 (0)85 0432230