Structural Bolting sets EN15048

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Structural Bolting sets? Peco Douwes Group is at the forefront.

Structural bolting sets are a product type that Peco Douwes Group (PDG) is known for. Since 2013, PDG has acted as a leader, satisfying the needs of its customers for the so-called Structural Bolting sets.

Structural Bolting sets according to EN15048 norm

In addition to our regular program of “prestressed bolt connections” according to the EN 14399, we provide you with the Structural Bolting sets of other standards; for this, please contact us.

Peco Douwes Group has a large inventory of the SB sets of European making. Both ISO4014 and ISO4017 garniture sets (*) in Class 8.8 Thermal galvanized iso-fit according to EN15048 standard.

(*) This garniture set is according to ISO4014 / 4032 (Shoulder bolt / Nut) and ISO4017 / 4032 (Tapping / Nut) of the same manufacturer, with CE-approval and 3.1 Certification as required by the standard.

Locking ring for Structural Bolt sets

If your project also requires washers, or lock washers (also known as coupling washer or junk ring) in addition to these Structural Bolt sets, we can deliver them according to ISO7089, 200HV Thermal galvanized from stock.

Pre-tight bolt connections or pre-tensioned mechenical joints

Are you looking for other types of bolt connections, like pre-tensioned mechenical joints? Then contact us for a personal talk. We can also deliver other special bolts and nuts.

No matter how specific your product is, Peco Douwes Group is happy to help you!

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