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Peco Douwes Group – since 2014 distributer of LUBO.





Lubo International B.V. is an innovative company that developed an unique lubrication for stainless steel screw thread connections.

Focused on solutions and results

For every technician is coldwelding and corrosion on stainless steel a recurring problem. Our company wanted to find the solution, not only the most effective but also the best lasting solution. After years of research and testing we developed a special lubrication applicable on all kinds of screw thread connections. This high quality and resistant lubrication meets the most stringest requirements and legislations regarding quality and environment.

Large applicability (Complies with the FDA 21 CFR 175.300 chapter (c) (4) )
These ready-for-use screw thread connections can be used in food- and pharmaceutical industry, offshore, maritime shipping and civil engineering.

Efficient and cost-saving

Besides the unique action, using this kind of lubrication on screw threads, implies more effiency and also a cost-saving element when it comes to construction and maintenance on building structures and machinery.

Social responsible corporating and environment

The lubrication is composed of natural raw material and minerals and therefore harmless to the environment. Choosing Lubo is not only profitable for your company, you will be investing as well in a durable and healthy future.


Lubo lubrication is the innovative solution for stainless steel applications!

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