Assortiment – Duplex 1.4462

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Use Duplex 1.4462

Do you want or even need to use Duplex in your project? Peco Douwes Group is your partner in these occasions. Several types of fasteners, bolts-nuts-washers are available in a short term delivery. Do you want to order, or do you have an actual enquiry for Duplex fasteners? Contact us for more information. We are also willing to arrange a brainstorm session with you and/or come to visit you.

Properties of Duplex 1.4462

Duplex material exists of about 50% martensitic and 50% ferritic. Very good mechanical properties are trhus combined with high corrosion resistance, compared to regular austenitic steel (A2-A4).

How specific your Duplex product is, Peco Douwes Group is your partner! See also “super duplex 1.4501”

Order direct via +31 (0)85 0432230