Fasteners as per drawing “custom made”

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Fasteners according to your drawing

Fasteners are available in many different types and sizes. The standard articles can be found in any DIY store or with your current supplier, but as a firm you often run into the fact that they do not have the special items you are looking for.

It is precisely these special items that PECO Douwes Group has in stock and / or can be delivered quickly: all  tailor-made. We are specialists in delivering your specific items from drawings or samples.

Custom Nuts and Bolts

Looking for tailor-made nuts and bolts for your firm’s project? No matter how special and specific, from which material, and of which wire length: PECO Douwes Group can deliver. And even if you don’t have the correct dimensions of the fastener you need: PDG also deals in custom made nuts and bolts according to sample.

Custom injection bolts

There are different ways to produce tailor-made injection bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. At Peco, this can be done according to sample or according to a drawing and known dimensions. Don’t know how and what to measure? Peco Douwes Group has an app in which the sizes can easily be entered.

Peco App: nut and bolt dimensions

Don’t know exactly how and what to measure when it comes to thread sizes and all other dimensions needed for tailor-made fasteners? Do you want to find the size of a bolt or nut? The Peco app is a handy tool for bolt dimensions. Download the PECO app – a Nut and Bolt Dimension Tool – for free now:

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