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Peco Douwes is a true service driven organization in the field of special fasteners, with over 30 years of experience. From our broad European network, we ensure that our customers receive the high-quality products as desired.

If desired, we can inform you about the different properties of the available materials. From the network consisting of more than 200 European professionals, Peco Douwes supplies special fasteners for your project.

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Peco Douwes is part of the Swedish international industrial group Indutrade. Our philosophy is based on entrepreneurship and decentralized leadership. In addition, companies under Indutrade are characterized by technical knowledge and the ability to build and successfully retain close relationships with its customers.


We believe in strong partnerships, which is why in July 2018 Peco Select Fasteners and Douwes International joined forces under the name Peco Douwes B.V. With the joined expertise and experience we can offer the assurance you are looking for in the field of tools and fasteners.

The connection with tools

In addition to our specialization in the field of fasteners, we also offer the best solutions in screw and mounting technology (PD-Tools). Our product specialists with their many years of experience guarantee a durable confirmation, a confirmation you can rely on.

We will work with you to find the most efficient and ergonomic solutions for your assembly process. We are happy to use our experience and knowledge to turn opportunities into success. Consider, for example, an electric screwdriver that stores all relevant usage data with extreme precision. Or a cordless machine with an angled head to be able to tighten the connection with the right force. We have a non-proprietary supplier network, central to the right solutions for every project and job. Together with you, we are happy to look at the various options, always with the focus on the best result for you.

The result of our business principles. Since 1976 we have grown to become the market leader in special fasteners.

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From our products to our people, we never compromise on quality.

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The result of our business principles. Since 1976 we have grown to become the market leader in specialty fasteners.

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We consider honesty of the utmost importance. It’s our openness and transparency that make us a reliable partner.

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This is what drives us and makes our company grow. Our customers can rely on us that we get it right, always.

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Flexibility and agility is what defines us. We can swiftly adhere to our customers’ needs before delivering on our promise: the best possible fastening solution.


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Joost Sterckx


We chose Peco Douwes for their service. In a supplier we look for reliability, expertise, flexibility, quality and a proactive attitude. Those are exactly the qualities we find at Peco Douwes.

Piet de Vries

Hollandia Infra

Pro-actively providing input and expert advice in the field of delivery times and product quality. That makes Peco Douwes a reliable partner, where the relationship always comes first.